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June 20, 2013 / thesinglesscoreboard

She’s Too Tall, He’s Too Short- Height of Love?


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“He’s nice, but he’s too short. She’s beautiful, but she’s too tall.” These are things we hear clients say all the time, but does love really have a height requirement?

Recently, things became even more complicated when a client commented the woman he was on a date with was too short. Could she not put on a tall pair of heels to solve this issue? Sometimes both men and women have an illusion of what their ideal partner will look like. This illusion keeps them from finding the one who is truly for them.

The desire for a taller woman is not usually the norm. Most men who date through One on One or Eight at Eight request to be matched with shorter women. A psychological study shared by suggests that the desire for shorter women is linked to a subconscious preference for less powerful women. This is just one possible explanation, but scientists are not 100 percent sure where the preference comes from. That being said, if the woman is not half a foot taller than you and she is a beautiful all-around great woman, why not give it a shot to see if any chemistry develops?

Women are the worst, when it comes to height requirements. If you’re 5’5″ does he really have to be 6 feet tall? A guy who is caring, supportive and stable with a great personality is what you really want. Date the 5’7″ awesome guy and just wear flats. Remember, you will ideally be with your husband for the rest of your life. A tall jerk is not something you should settle for. Of course, there are nice tall men too, but the average height for a man is 5’9″ according to the Huffington Post. The odds are your perfect match will not be a giant hunk of man, but an average height hunk of man who is above average in every other way.

Start bending on your height requirements and see how much the quality of the people you date improves.

Until next time, good luck!

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